Project:  Streetly Methodist Church - Sutton Coalfield
Technology: RENEWABLE - Commercial Biomass

Streetly Methodist Church had an old gas boiler system that was defective and needed to be replaced

Rendis replaced it with a very sophisticated efficient Windhager fully automatic, auto clean BioWIN Excel 120 kW Cascade wood pellet boiler system with modulating range of 18 – 120 kW. Automatic bulk feed pellet hopper with multiple suction points to the boiler. With an integrated Windhager AccuWIN 2000 litre accumulator tank to store the precious energy.

The church pride themselves on being a green church and are very proud of the efficient and quiet Windhager biomass system they have had installed. The church has installed glass doors on the plant room, so the biomass system can be viewed by the congregation at all times. The church has gone from being a cold damp space to a warm vibrant busy hive of community activity. The clients are claiming Renewable Heat Incentive from the government for the next 20 years.

Streetly Church photo 2.JPG


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