Project:  Ulley Property - Rural Estate
Technology: RENEWABLE - Domestic Biomass

This client allowed Rendis to transform the property from its antiquated old oil heating system to the latest innovative biomass system, using wood pellets.

Rendis designed and installed an efficient Windhager fully automatic, auto clean BioWIN Excel 60 kW wood pellet boiler system with modulating range of 18 – 60 kW. Automatic bulk feed pellet hopper with multiple suction points to the boiler. With an integrated Windhager AccuWIN 2000 litre accumulator tank to store the important energy. This beautiful rural estate is surrounded by acres of manicured gardens, a tranquil escape into nature. This property is quieting taking care of the environment in its own way with a renewable biomass heating system. The client is claiming Renewable Heat Incentive from the government for the next 7 years.

Ulley Property photo 2.JPG


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